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22PCS Branco Canbus Livre de erros interior do DIODO emissor de luz da lâmpada do Kit Para Skoda Superb 2 MK2 MKII 3T4 Limousine Salão (2009-)

22PCS Branco Canbus Livre de erros interior do DIODO emissor de luz da lâmpada do Kit Para Skoda Superb 2 MK2 MKII 3T4 Limousine Salão (2009-)




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This project offers 22Pcs Interior LED Lights Package Kit For Skoda Superb 2 MK2 MKII 3T4 Sedan Saloon (2009-2015)

Map light (3 pieces) Dome light (2 peças) Vanity Mirror light (2 peças) Trunk/Cargo area (2 peças) Glove box light light (1 piece) Footwells Light (4 peças) Door/Puddle light (4 peças) License plate light (2 peças) Spare light (2 peças)

About our products:

1.Cor: white and crystal blue (other colors please contact us) 2.Our Luxury Upgrade diodo Emissor de luz bulb circuit board is thicker,more heat resistant, not 3.easy to burn out, more stable current and voltage than normal bulb. 4.Luxury Upgrade: Give your vehicle a more modern interior appearance. 5.We do our very best to test our products and ensure proper fitments of each bulb size.If a bulb you receive does not fit the recommended soquete, please contact us right away and we will make sure you get the correct diodo EMISSOR de luz.


1.Please turn off the light first before installation and be careful while removing the stock bulb, it may be very hot. 2.Simply remove your old bulb and install the new diodo EMISSOR de luz bulb in it's place.If the light doesn't immediately turn on inversão de 180 graus. 3.Please kindly move the metal pin clipes closer so that they can the mount festoon tighter in case the bulb is slightly loose in soquete


Please make sure your vehicle is listed ás compatível prior to purchasing.If you are unsure about fitment please ask us so we can help you


12-month Não-hassle warranty is half back of our products with fully confidence in our products If your new diodo emissor de luz bulb won't light up, take it out and Flip it 180 degrees ( to reverse the polarity).Por favor, note for the Festoon lights you can move the metal clipes closer or further apart so they can fit the festoon diodo emissor de luz bulb tighter, be gental with the clipes so they do not break.

Para Marcas De Veículos/Modelo alfa romeo
Aplicação LED luzes do interior do Pacote de atualização do Kit
Nome Da Marca KAMMURI
Tipo De Relação T10 (W5W/194)
Tensão 12V
Compatível Para Skoda Superb 2 3T4 Limousine (2009-2015)
Peso Do Item 0.1kg
Tipo De Item Iluminação Interior
Nome Do Modelo led luzes do interior
Potência 3W
Lumens 380lm

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